Do You Need Window Screen Repair?

It is essential to know when it is time to replace your window screens. You do it usually because it’s old, torn, or worn down. As a homeowner, you should know when to replace your window screen for functionality. 

When replacing the window screens, you should consider the types of mesh and frame it uses. The environment where life also plays a role in determining your window screen’s lifespan. Knowing the specific material used for the mesh of your screens is important because it determines its durability. Examples of window screens are steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. 

How Long Can Window Screen Last? 

A conventional window screen that is mostly inside the shade and is relatively dry but is cleaned occasionally would last up to 15 years before it breaks down. By then, you’ll need a window screen replacement. Regular window cleaning will make your window last five to ten years. 

Inspect any gaps, holes, tears, and breaks on the screen. If the screen starts looking particularly shiny, then it may mean that the screen is too old and a replacement is necessary. If the mesh has a significant tear that can’t be rapidly fixed, you might want to change everything. 

How Much Does Window Screen Replacement Cost?  

A window screen replacement isn’t too expensive. Homeowners generally spend between $50 and $500 on a replacement window screen. The cost already includes material, labor, and installation fees. A replacement screen for custom windows will cost more because of their unique sizes and shapes. 

If you want to get an accurate assessment of how much your window screen replacement will cost you, it is best that you hire the Corona screen repair experts. They are the one to give you an accurate quote of the project.  

Where Can You Get Window Screen Replacement Services? 

Window screens improve the energy efficiency of your home, particularly in summerThese screens function as natural ventilation to keep homes cool. If you reside in a humid or warm environment, you might want to replace your window screens with the solar types.  

Solar screens can prevent almost 90% of the sun’s unwanted heat and glare. They keep your home cooler by giving it more shade. During the daytime, these windows can also provide added security. Window screens give homeowners an unhindered view of the outside while preventing the sun from getting inside. Solar screens give particularly efficient night time privacy as well. 

What’s the Best Way to Replace Windows Screens? 

Keeping windows screens in great shape is essential. Knowing when it is time to replace your window screens will enhance the comfort that you experience in your home while improving the appearance of your home. Additionally, you can decrease your monthly energy bills if you invest in energy-efficient window screens. 

There are professionals who can help you with window screen replacement. If you aren’t sure if your home needs one, then you might as well ask them to assess your windows and if it needs replacement. It’s important to work with service providers that you can trust.